In Fishmongers Hall , under the west side of the foot of London Bridge there is a wonderful collection of historic fish paintings, sculptures and artefacts. Fishing is an ancient practice with  seafoods being a major part of our diet. Sea fishing is an exceptionally dangerous profession with unpredictable seas , freak waves and storms.

The ‘luggers’ were large fishing vessels up to 55′ long with 3 masts. A crew of 8-10 men roamed the North Sea and Western English Channel searching for herring and mackeral. They went on ‘voyages’ as far as southern Scotland for months at a time.
  • Charles Ernest Cundall RA 1890-1971
  • Hastings Luggers
  • Signed. Oil on Canvas
  • 14.5 x 22 inches
Charles Napier Hemy RA 1841-1917 was a British painter best known for his marine paintings.

‘Pilchards’ by Charles Napier Hemy, is part of the Tate collection. You can see more information here:
‘Waiting’ by Charles Napier Hemy
Wellwood Rattray was a Scottish landscape painter and watercolourist. He was educated at Glasgow University. He exhibited at RA 1883-98, GG ,RSA, RSW and elsewhere. He received an Honourable Mention at the Paris Salon and also at the Paris International Exhibition in 1889. He painted almost entirely Scottish scenes.

  • Alexander Wellwood Rattray RSW ARSA 1849-1902
  • Boat moored in a rocky cove
  • Oil on board  Signed
  • 27 x 36.5 cm

Shrimps provided the mainstay of fishing in places like Morcambe Bay after it became a holiday destination in 1847. Shrimps were a fashionable food for afternoon tea in Victorian England. During the Industrial Revolution a lot of the work was done by child labour as well as women

Image coming soon.

  • C Forster
  • The Shrimp Picker
  • Watercolour. Signed and dated 1879
  • 54 x 48 cm

Recreational fishing became much more popular after the English Civil War. ‘ Compleat Angler’ was written by Izaak Walton in 1653 and described fishing in the River Wye , Derbyshire.

  • Colin W Burns b.1944
  • Coarse Fishing on the Broads
  • Oil on Board. Signed
  • 7 x 10 inches
This article shows you the different types of fish that can be caught in our native rivers and canals.
  • M Morland
  • Fish on riverbank
  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Monogrammed and dated 1825
  • Name and address verso
  • Magnificent original gilt frame
  • 47 x 69 cm

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