Rene Jerome Legrand b 1953

Rene Jerome Legrand won a scholarship for the Slade School of Art where he specialized in Classical Old Master techniques.He had a couple of exhibitions at Heal’s Gallery, London. In the 1980’s he had success with his paintings of children which he sold in West End galleries. His career then changed path and he worked for films and commercials with directors such as Ridley Scott and David Putnam. He produced the artwork for a Nina Rici commercial.

Later that decade he developed a technique known as ‘scumbling’. This is usually applying a broken glaze of oil paint on top of other colours to allow underlying paint to show through . It is a technique that is used to soften and lighten.

  • Rene Jerome Legrand b 1953
  • Two girls playing in rock pools
  • Oil on Canvas. Signed
  • 49 cm x56 cm

Legrand went on to have a residency at Harrods and developed his painting portfolio with paintings created in France, Italy and Spain. In 2010 he established a studio in Barcelona.