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Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs given to celebrate Easter or Springtime.The oldest tradition is to paint chickens eggs for decoration. Some people still do this with their children but make sure they give delicious chocolate eggs too. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth in many cultures and in Christian faith symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from which He was resurrected.
The custom of the Easter egg spread into Russia through the Orthodox Church. The first Faberge egg , one of the most spectacular versions of the Easter egg, was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III as a present for his wife,  as she was homesick for England. You can see more details in this video on the origins of the Faberge Eggs on the History website. And, this beautiful Faberge Hen Egg from 1885.
 Spring is here and everywhere we look in our gardens and the countryside there is frenetic activity amongst the birds. Sparrows and Starlings are busy building their nests and Blue Tits are laying their eggs. There are some beautiful images on the British Bird Lovers website.

The colours and design of these delicate eggs in their intricately woven nests are Nature’s works of art.

new nest
  • Oliver Clare 1853-1927
  • Still life of flowers with a nest
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Signed.  44cm x 59 cm
  • SOLD
egg close up
Oliver Clare was a fine artist of still lifes of fruit and flowers which often featured exquisite birds nests with eggs. His son, George Clare, was also a talented artist as was his brother, Vincent Clare.They all worked mainly in the Birmingham area. Oliver Clare exhibited a painting at the Royal Academy and two at the Society of British artists. He also exhibited many paintings at the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists.

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