John Trickett Marine Paintings

John Tricket was born in 1953 and is a renowned painter of animals, particularly black labradors! There are many more strings to this accomplished artists bow and marine art is one of them. It is a subject that he returns to time and time again. He grew up near Grimsby and started out by painting the fishing boats there.He now paints marine pictures in other parts of the country such as Norfolk, Yorkshire and Cornwall.

John has a fine ability to create that magical light glinting on the water and to capture the mood of the place ; always different according to time of day, weather and season. He has not lost his zest for taking his his sketchpad off for a few days to the coast and you can see by these new examples of his work ,it is still one of his favourite genres. We are lucky to be able to supply John Trickett’s new marine art at J Swan Fine Art.

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